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10 am, Sundays, July 10, 17, 24, 31
The Jesus of the Gospels Series
     This series of messages deals with the major theme and styles of the Gospels. They do not attempt to outline each Gospel in complete detail or touch on all the emphases and characteristics. They do attempt to explore the main themes of each Gospel, and hopefully build to a more rounded and real understanding of Jesus and his mission.
Too often we see a “Jesus in snippets” — emerging out of incidents, sections of teaching, single parables, etc. … always considered in isolation … without an “overview” of the thrusts of the Gospel narrative as a whole.
The aim of the series is to encourage the reading of the Gospels in their full sweep; to be grasped by the urgency of their presentation of Christ … God’s man … the man for liberation of all persons … liberation from the captivity of fear, death, sin, and stress.
I urge you to read each Gospel straight through, without interruption, so that you might get the full “gist” of its message and the Christ that it presents to the reader and to the world.

Communion Sunday, July 31:  John – “Live All Your Life”
     Isaiah 55:1-7;      John 6:30-40

 August 7:  The Beatitudes:  The First Four – Matthew 5:1-6
 “The Person Open to God’s Visitation”

August 14:  The Beatitudes:  2. The Last Four – Matthew 5:7-10
“Humanity as the Reflection of God”

August 21:  “Gathering for Re-Creation”
Matthew 11:16-19, 28-30       Luke 10:38-42