Who are we?

We are a congregation of about 50 families.  Most of us are retired and live in Peachland or nearby Kelowna.  We are a warm , friendly and welcoming congregation.  We have a mixture of long time and new members.   

We at PUC are vibrant, upbeat, energetic and enthusiastic about our ministry together. And we provide some incredible outreach within our Peachland community. 

Our church sanctuary is cozy, small and intimate.  Our building is a landmark in the community and is over 107 years old.  

If you joined us in worship you would find a very welcoming atmosphere, an inquisitiveness regarding biblical interpretation, prayerful and thoughtful reflection and at all times, the space to be yourself in a contemplative safe environment. 

In addition to providing a spiritual sanctuary, we have throughout our 107 year history played a caring role in supporting the many aspects of family life in an evolving Peachland. Today, the most visible of our outreach programs is the “Bargain Bin” located in the church’s lower level. This all-purpose thrift shop recently re-emerged from the 2017 Okanagan Lake flood to begin a new and bright chapter in its more than 20 year history as a much needed Peachland resource. 

This first rate low cost facility provides clothing and household goods to the public. It also supports other non-profit organizations such as Diabetes Canada, KGH, various women’s groups, the Boys and Girls Club, SPCA, other churches and missions, ReStore and the Wellness Centre. And it donates items such as eyeglasses and hearing aids to where they can do the most good. 

Our congregation sees itself as being an integral part of what makes Peachland a uniquely special place to live. We look forward to serving the spiritual, pastoral and outreach needs of our community for years to come. 

Legacy Decision Making

If you would like to assist in our ministry you may want to consider including Peachland United Church in your legacy decision making. Please contact Pastor Ian McLean at 250-767-2206 or ian@peachlandunited.ca if you have questions.